Arnolds Park, iowa june 2019

About MERGE N.O.W.

"Merge N.O.W. is a nonprofit organization that simply wants to encourage the unity of Christian churches in different regions and theological spectrums to begin to work together for the sake of their community." -Jake Sanchez, MERGE N.O.W. Director 

Event History


There have been several successful MERGE N.O.W. events  in Texas, Idaho, and Northwest Iowa. The momentum has started and will continue as communities are united and revived by the Spirit of God. 

Event Highlights


MERGE N.O.W. Unites  church bodies into the one Body Christ designed

us to be and denominational walls are torn down. When God moves in this environment, strongholds are broken and healings take place. Powerful worship is combined with spontaneous messages from anointed speakers and times of prayer and intercession. 


Merge Idaho Recap

Merge Iowa Recap

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